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Tree Services

Tommy Clark's Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance Ltd takes
on all types of tree work to exceptionally high standards

Tree Felling & Tree Removal

If you have a tree that needs removing safely, Tommy Clark's Tree Surgery are able to assist you with any enquiries you may have. With industry leading equipment - we are able to remove dangerous, dead or unwanted trees. If your tree is small or large, or overhanging obstacles; with the aid of lowering equipment such as pulleys and ropes we are able to remove your tree safely to avoid damage to buildings and other surroundings.

Reductions & Pruning

Pruning a tree doesn't just reduce the overall size of the crown. With proper pruning, a tree can be made to grow into a certain way to help limbs and branches become structurally safer. Maintaining the tree’s structure helps to reduce the risk of broken limbs and falling branches. Structural pruning can also greatly improve the general look of the tree.

Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning is important for certain trees as they become very heavy when in leaf or if most of the leaves grow towards the end of the branch. It is also a great tool to improve the look of a tree and allow light to penetrate through the canopy.

Deadwood Removal

Dead wood should always be removed from a safety aspect, be it in your own garden or from a business point of view. Dead wood snaps out without warning and can harm those it lands on. From a tree perspective, it also can help speed up infection and rot if left especially in larger trees.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the process of removing lower branches to increase the distance between the base of the canopy and the ground. The most common reason for crown lifting is the provision of access for traffic or pedestrians or to allow more light into an area.


Pollarding is a pruning technique in which the upper branches of a tree are removed, promoting a dense isolation of leaf and branches. It has been common in Europe since medieval times and is practised today in urban areas worldwide, primarily to maintain trees at a predetermined height.

Stump Grinding

We offer stump removal at competitive rates, giving expert advice on the best course of action to be taken on your trees and stumps. Stump grinding isn't always necessary; poison or digging out roots can also be an option but we will always give you the best advice regardless. We use specialist equipment when instructed for stump grinding such as a Cable Avoidance Tool (CAT Scanner) to identify underground cables.

Tommy Clark's Tree Surgery & Garden Maintenance Ltd focuses on providing excellent customer service, commitment and outstanding work methods. We have been providing specialist Tree Surgery in Bexley for many years and offer our services all over Kent.